The library collection

Today, the library holds one of the largest collections of Ukrainian diaspora writing in Europe.  It houses over 30,000 books on Ukrainian themes in both Ukrainian and English, including archaeology, history, politics, classic and modern literature, art and music.  It has many works published in the 1920s and 30s, books from Ukrainian displaced persons’ camps in Rimini, Augsburg, Hanover (many with the camp official stamp on them), dissident literature from the 1970s and 80s and a collection of over 250 titles of Ukrainian and diaspora journals and periodicals.

The library has close working relationships with the British Library and with academic institutions in Ukraine, with whom it exchanges books to enhance the collection.

The library has a significant collection of works of fine art, including sculptures and drawings of Gregor Kruk and others.

The archive section of the library is currently being restructured, following the discovery, in 2007, of historical documents and photographs stored in various places around London. The archive will eventually be housed in a separate room and fully catalogued to provide a unique history of the Ukrainian diaspora in Great Britain.  The archive collection includes:

  • Copies of ‘Dilo’, the oldest Ukrainian newspaper, published in Lviv from 1880-1939
  • Publications from Carpatho-Ukraine during its short period of independence in 1938-39
  • Letters written to Vadym Shcherbakivsky by renowned Ukrainian scholars and cultural activists
  • Periodicals, documents and drawings from displaced persons’ camps in Italy and Germany, dating from the early 1940s
  • Documents and photographs about the establishment and early work of the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain
  • A complete set of copies of Ukrayinska Dumka from the first issue in 1946
  • Thousands of photographs chronicling the life of the Ukrainian community throughout the country
  • The personal archive of the late Stefan Terlezki, formerly Conservative MP for Cardiff West

President Yushchenko looking at some of AUGB’s rare books

President Yushchenko looking at part of AUGB’s collection of Gregor Kruk bronze statues

Cardinal Huzar visiting the library 2006

Oksana Bilozir, Ukrainian singer and Member of Parliament, visiting the library 2006