An international manhunt is underway to find the chief suspect in the murder of the journalist Vasyl Klymentyev.

On 11 August 2010, Vasyl Klymentyev, editor of the Kharkiv newspaper 'Noviy Styl', left his house with an unknown man, and never returned. From the start, his friends and colleagues were convinced that his disappearance was connected with his work: he was an outspoken journalist and was investigating allegations of corrupt practices in various public and private bodies in Kharkiv.

In March 2011, the authorities began searching for two suspects, Andriy Kozar, a police officer in Kharkiv's Organised Crime Squad, and Dmytro Umarov, described as a resident of Kharkiv. Today, more details of the case were revealed. Investigating officers believe that Kozar murdered Klymentyev, but with others, and that the murder was indeed connected with Klymentyev's journalistic work. Kozar is also wanted on suspicion of other - unspecified - crimes.

The independent organisation, Reporters without Borders, has continually highlighted the increasingly difficult conditions under which journalists in Ukraine work, and has publicised the cases of several journalists who have been harassed or attacked - often with no culprits being found. They describe the situation for journalists in Ukraine as 'difficult'.

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