Delegates from across the country took part in the AUGB's 64th Annual General Meeting over the weekend which was this year very ably hosted by the Association's Branch in Stockport. 

The event was chaired by Mykola Lajszczuk and included reports from the outgoing AUGB President - Zenko Lastowiecki, CEO - Fedir Kurlak, Member of the Finance Control Committee - Bohdan Zamulinskyj and the Chair of the AUGB's Tribunal (Mediation Committee) - Petro Luczka.

Zenko Lastowiecki was re-elected President of the AUGB for a third term.

The full details of the elections are (excluding deputies):

General Council ("Rada SUB"):  Lessia Djakowska, Stefan Jarockyj, Wolodymyr Karpynec, Anna Kecyk, Petro Kormylo, Marian Kosmirak, Ewhen Kurlak, Fedir Kurlak (CEO), Rev. Mykola Matwijiwskyj, Volodymyr Muzyczka, Myron Pilak, Bohdan Ratycz (Second Vice-President), Petro Rewko, Martyn Senyk, Iryna Terlecky (First Vice-President), Volodymyr Szlachetko.

Finance Control Committee:  Chair - Andriy Chymera, members - Zenon Sydor and Bohdan Zamulinskyj.

Tribunal ("Myrovyy Sud"):  Chair - Mykola Lajszczuk, members - Mykola Scuplak and Maria Turiw.

A full report on the AGM will appear in the next issue of Dumka (6 June) and the minutes will also be circulated to all subscribers of Dumka before the end of June.

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