From left to right: Bohdan Ratycz, Caroline Flint (Minister for Europe) and Fedir Kurlak

Politicians, diplomats and representatives of various businesses and organisations with an interest in Ukraine took part last night in a Ukrainian Beer and Wine Evening held in the Houses of Parliament.  Also present were representatives of Sevastopol’s City Council and wine industry.  The event was hosted by the All-Party Parliamentary Ukraine Group, chaired by John Grogan MP, and was sponsored by the EU-Ukraine Business Council. 

The evening was attended by the Minister for Europe, Caroline Flint, who spoke very affectionately about her recent visit to Sevastopol.

In an interview with the Ukrainian Thought (Dumka), John Grogan MP said that the All-Party Parliamentary Group had decided to focus its attention on promoting ties between Britain, the Crimea and Sevastopol.   “One of the challenges facing the Crimea is to make its economy less dependent on the (Black Sea) Fleet.  So we wanted to make our own small contribution to this process and in doing so to expand our ties with Ukraine, and in particular with the Crimea and Sevastopol.”

The AUGB was represented during the evening by its Second Vice President, Bohdan Ratycz, AUGB CEO Fedir Kurlak and the Editor of Ukrainian Thought (Dumka), Oleksa Semenchenko.  Messrs Ratycz and Kurlak later held a lengthy informal discussion with Caroline Flint.

A full report on the event will appear in the next issue of Dumka (06.06.09).

Ukrayinska Dumka


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