Reaction to the Party of the Regions ambush which passed the language bill today and left the opposition in disarray is starting to come thick and fast.

Many MPs and commentators are scrutinising the procedure that was followed and the votes that were cast, with widespread accusations of irregularities. At least one MP, whose vote was recorded as in favour of the bill, was actually out of the country. Although voting in absentia is not allowed, there have been many occasions in the past where MPs have recorded multiple votes with handfuls of their friends' electronic voting cards - so called 'piano playing'. Speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn is being criticised for being at another meeting, with some saying this was deliberate.

Vitaliy Klitschko has said that this is 'political suicide' for the current Ukrainian Parliament, which has shown a total disregard for parliamentary procedure and the wishes of the Ukrainian people.

Five opposition MPs have announced a hunger strike against the bill, and tents are being erected at the Ukrayinskiy Dim.

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