Paticipants of the AGM

Members of the Ukrainian Communities of Bradford and Keighley attended the AGM of the Bradford & District European Forum held on 18th May 2009 at the Serbian Church Hall, Bradford.  It was the group’s second Annual General Meeting.

The Forum is made up of members of the Ukrainian, Italian, Polish, and other Eastern European communities living in Bradford and Keighley. Most of the members first arrived in England over 50 years ago.  Others are children of those that arrived, who are now adults.

The Forum is the first of its kind in England.  It links smaller groups from Central and Eastern Europe to be ‘United in Community’ – the group's slogan.

The idea to create such a Forum originated over 4 years ago during a discussion between Irene Barnowski of the Ukrainian community and Rada Mijailovic of the Serbian community. They realised that there was no organisation that catered for certain issues and problems facing members of their own communities who were now in their 70’ and 80’s;  issues like health care and language.

The Forum now consists of 8 nationalities who meet regularly at members’ community centres.  It has worked very hard to raise awareness of the needs and aspirations of Bradford and District’s Eastern & Central European Communities.

During the AGM, the Chairperson of the meeting, Irene Barnowski, reviewed the work carried out since the last AGM and expressed thanks to the various people and organisations that have supported the group.

Since its creation, the group has made many links with various organisations, such as with hospitals and the police.  The Forum is now formally recognised as a community group.

The meeting was also attended by former Keighley Mayor Amjad Zaman and former deputy Keighley Mayor, Nick Lajszczuk, Both were actively involved in getting Keighley Council to recognise Holodomor as Genocide.

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