Last month, Volodymyr Gerashchenko – the former General Secretary of the Ukrainian National Olympic Committee -  was accused of attempting to sell tickets for the London 2012 Olympics for cash by a BBC television report. However, it emerged yesterday that the investigating commission established by the Ukrainian NOC has not found any violation of ticket distribution.

Sergiy Koziakov, head of the specialized investigating commission, told a press-conference:

"The investigating commission has arrived into conclusion that the system of distributing National Olympic Committee's tickets for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games fully complies with the principles of the Olympic movement and makes it impossible for one man to sell them,".

The President of the Ukrainian NOC and former Ukrainian Olympian Sergiy Bubka has stressed that the Olympic Committee is due to receive their allocation of tickets from the International Olympic Committee later this month and thus Gerashchenko could not actually have sold any tickets. Furthermore, NOC member Olha Zhukovskaya claims that Gerashchenko had been in a ‘state of inebriation’ during his meeting with the undercover BBC reporter and therefore he did not consider their conversation to be of a serious nature.

While he may not have been found to be in breach of NOC regulations, he has been expelled from the Ukrainian NOC and Bubka commented that Gerashchenko had violated both their moral and ethical principles.




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