We are disappointed to see that the UK's media continue to refer to Ukraine's capital as Kiev.  One banner on page 1 of today's Daily Telegraph, for example, proclaims "England triumph in Kiev".

We have written a letter of complaint to departments dealing with accuracy and standards at the DT, The Times and Guardian.  Visitors to this website may wish to raise similar concerns with the Daily Telegraph, Times, Guardian or other media outlets.  In this regard, for your information, we are reproducing the contents of our complaint below which may be adapted according to your complaint.


I would be obliged if you could substantiate the grounds upon which you continue to refer to Ukraine's capital as Kiev (today's Times re England's victory last night at Euro 2012).

It is 21 years since Ukraine gained its independence and registered the name of its capital at the UN as Kyiv.  The EU, UK and indeed UEFA, under whose name the Euro 2012 tournament has been organised, all list the capital of Ukraine as Kyiv.  Driving into the city one is welcomed to Kyiv and in the Olympic stadium itself, there is a large advertising board facing the half-way line proclaiming "Kyiv" for the benefit of those still unaware of their whereabouts.

I look forward to receiving your reply.

Yours etc.


Ukrayinska Dumka


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