The EU has carried out a major review of its European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP).  A package of reports (relating to several countries) presented earlier today assess the first year of implementation of the new approach and propose a roadmap for giving further impetus to the implementation of the Eastern Partnership. 

Two documents relate to Ukraine.  The first is the Joint Staff Working Document which considers the progress of implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy in Ukraine in 2011 and lists recommendations for action.

Amongst other things, it notes in its overall introduction:  “in the area of democracy and human rights there was further deterioration... selective justice, characterized by un-transparent judicial processes...  corruption perception remains high and Ukraine maintains a low position in relevant international indices….  conditions for business and investment have further deteriorated…”

The second of the two docments is a separate Progress Report on Ukraine on developments in 2011 and with a set of recommendations for the future.  This covers areas of Political dialogue and reform, Economic and Cooperation on justice, freedom and security, Transport, energy, environment, the information society, research and development, People-to-people contacts, education and health and a background summary of EU-Ukraine policy and some facts and figures.

We recommend that both reports are read in full.


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