We recently wrote on this website about the AUGB’s letter to the President of Ukraine regarding an attempt to publicly discredit the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC).  

Copies of the letter were sent to a number of key politicians and diplomats. 

The Director of the EU Directorate for Russia, Eastern Partnership, Central Asia, Regional Partnership and OSCE, Gunnar Wiegand has replied.  The full text of his letter says:

Thank you for your letter of the 22 February to Commissioner Füle, copied to Presidents Van Rompuy and to Baroness Ashton, to which I have been asked to reply.

The European Union values its dialogue with the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain and other organizations representing the Ukrainian diaspora.

I wish to reassure you of the high value placed by the EU on the protection of Human Rights and fundamental freedoms in Ukraine.  As you may be aware, the EU and Ukraine have completed negotiations on an Association Agreement, establishing a new contractual relationship between the two Parties.  This Agreement, which has strong cross-party support in Ukraine, will enshrine freedom, human rights and democracy as essential elements.  At the same time, signature of the Agreement will clearly depend upon the achievement of an appropriate political atmosphere, showing that Ukraine is ready to take on the ambitious commitments which political association entails.

As you know, the EU has expressed to Ukraine its deep concerns over recent cases of selective justice, including those of Yulia Tymoshenko and Yuriy Lutsenko.  We will continue to attach the highest importance to respect for international commitments, including in the fields of human rights and democracy, and to urge the acceleration of core freedoms in Ukraine.

As in the past, there has been no response from the Ukrainian authorities.


Ukrayinska Dumka


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