On Saturday 4 February, AUGB Leicester branch hosted a conference of branch delegates. Over 50 people from branches all around the country - from Edinburgh to London and all points inbetween - braved the weather and the forecasts to attend and take part in the discussions.

The Association's President, Zenko Lastowiecki opened the workshop and set out the objectives:

  • to share understanding of where we are now, both financially and in terms of national and local activities
  • to discuss the big ticket issues facing the Association
  • to agree the initiatives we should focus on and deliver to develop our Association into the future for the benefit of our members and communities

The delegates heard two presentations: one on AUGB's financial position and financial challenges; and one on the nature and scope of local and national activities. Group discussions followed: identifying the big issues for the Association and developing a programme of priority actions. Key themes that emerged were around: developing a stable financial base; increasing membership amongst the younger generation and the 4th wave of migrants from Ukraine; improving interaction and communication at all levels, with stronger regional communications; and refocusing our objectives to match new expectations and take us into the future. Debate was lively and challenging, with delegates showing their willingness to become involved, in taking action forward.

A full report of the workshop will appear in the next edition of Dumka. Branch committees will receive copies of the presentations and the discussion group outputs and will be able to provide more information to their local members.

Thanks go to Leicester branch for their hospitality, and to all those who attended. We hope that this is just the beginning of a continuing constructive dialogue; that the day will stimulate debate at local level about developing the Association to ensure it continues to flourish; and that members will be ready to volunteer for specific projects as the Association's Governing body develops action plans arising from the workshop.


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