My father Peter Baczkur, is known in the Ukrainian community in Peterborough and recently has been having serious health problems.

In 2002, aged 45, he was diagnosed with leukaemia, which was successfully treated with chemotherapy, and went into full remission. 

Last August on a routine blood test and a further bone marrow biopsy, he was diagnosed with secondary leukaemia and myelodysplasitic syndrome.

He has had a further two courses of intensive chemotherapy, which has gone well, but is now in need of a bone marrow transplant to achieve a complete remission.

His sisters and brother were tested to see if they are a bone marrow match but unfortunately they were not.

The UK register has been searched and as of yet, no donor has been found. His consultant has said it may be more difficult to find a suitable donor due to his Ukrainian ethnicity.

We are appealing to everybody, but especially people of Ukrainian backgrounds who would be willing to consider joining the bone marrow register to increase his chances of finding a match.

Joining the register is very easy and there are two ways to join.

One, is if you are a UK blood donor with the National Blood Service, when you donate next time just ask the nurses you wish to join the British Bone Marrow register, as it is not automatic that you have joined if you are a blood donor. To do this quicker if you have just donated, pop along to a session and you would be able to give an extra blood sample.

If you are not already a UK blood donor, you can still join this way, go to a drop in session or make an appointment and tell them you wish to join the bone marrow register. You do not necessarily have to join to give regular blood. You can telephone on 0300 123 2323 or visit

There is an age limit of joining this way of 49, but once you are on the register you will be kept on it until you are 60.

The second way of joining the bone marrow register is through the Anthony Nolan Trust, who are a UK based blood cancer charity. You may telephone them on 0303 303 0303. Or join online at The Anthony Nolan Trust only require a sample of your saliva to join the register, and that can be sent in the post. Their age limit is lower, up to the age of 40.

Thank you very much for your time, and support in assisting us promote the registry and helping my dad.

Kind regards,

Emma Baczkur


Please contact if any queries

01733 262745

35 Deaconscroft


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