People First is a foundation dedicated to building democracy in Ukraine through dialogue and active communication with all the people of Ukraine and the monitoring of the development of democracy in the interests of the people.

At the beginning of 2010 the People First Foundation published a report on Ukraine’s standing within the family of nations using comparative data prepared by Ukrainian and international experts and reputable international organizations.  This data ranked Ukraine’s performance across a wide spectrum of indicators.  This year the Foundation repeated the research to measure the government's overall performance in improving the living standards, financial stability and reputation of Ukraine during 2011. 

The report makes grim reading. Out of 23 international comparators, Ukraine's ranking has worsened in 16, with only 4 showing an improvement, and 3 showing no change since 2010. With other international surveys due to be published in the first quarter of this year, this may be only the first in a series of damning evaluations of the effectiveness of the Ukrainian government in improving democracy, the economic outlook and the lives of the Ukrainian people.

The People's Foundation concludes:


"When Ukraine gained its independence the World Bank boldly stated that with all its natural resources and with the capabilities of its highly educated people Ukraine could be one of the wealthiest countries in the world, yet 20 years later its people are reduced to poverty, its resources have been plundered and mismanaged and this once proud nation has been reduced to lower third world status… But this is what happens when the authority of the judiciary is subjugated to the will of politicians who vote themselves immunity from prosecution, when there is no transparency or accountability within the state budget enabling mass corruption and criminality and where democracy has been reduced to nothing more than a shame to appease the international community. 


The future is bleak indeed unless the people of Ukraine wake to the fact that there are real alternatives and that there are non-violent ways of achieving them simply by exercising their right to say no.  All governments exist through the will of the people.  No government has ever survived for long as a result of repression and institutionalised plunder and this government is no different.  Upon these results alone this government should resign and make way for a democratically elected government that will uphold all the rights of human dignity and set Ukraine on a course of prosperity for all as opposed to a select few."


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