I always seem to be talking about education in these blogs.  That’s partly because the UKhas some of the best universities in the world as well as a schools sector which attracts people from all over the planet.  But it’s also because many educational establishments are actively and successfully promoting British education right here in Kyiv.

One example is the Edinburgh Business School for whom I recently hosted a reception at the residence to mark their fourth intake and third year of activities in Ukraine.  I have been working with the EBS for some time (see eg here and here). It was great to see them making such good progress, with their programmes now having reached 150 MBA students – and, as always, to meet the students themselves, who struck me as a keen and motivated bunch, many of them from blue-chip companies operating here in Kyiv.

Another important educational establishment working in Kyiv is our very own British Council.  To get an overview of the wide range of programmes which the British Council offers, check out their website.  But in response to a Ukrainian friend who mentioned recently that their four-year-old child was wanting to start learning English, I would draw particular attention to the British Council’s free on-line English-language learning site for young children.  If you have small children and want to get them off on the right track learning English, this is the place.  There are also loads of on-line resources for adults – including apps for mobile phones.

Brilliant British education, indeed.

Leigh Turner

Ukrayinska Dumka


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