Back in March I wrote a blog which wasn’t really a blog at all.  Instead, it was a plug for an interview I’d done about blogging, for the Ukrainian weekly “Delo” (an interview, by the way, which includes links to many of my favourite blog entries).  I was pleased to receive some positive comments on that blog, although the FCO’s recent switch to a new, improved blogging platform (“Wordpress”) has unfortunately scrubbed that historic praise.

Inspired by this success, I thought I’d do another quick blog to publicise another interview on blogging published recently on  I know a lot of this stuff will be old hat (great English expression) to a lot of readers, but if you’ve ever wondered why I blog in the first place and what it involves, here’s a chance to find out.

Incidentally I’ve followed with bemusement a massive debate on the excellent Ukrainska Pravda website commenting on the paucity of my comments on the blizzard of comments on that site and raising existential questions about how often a blogger has to comment on comments on his blogging to be a blogger.  This is all too difficult for a humble diplomat; but rest assured I’ll try and keep an eye on comments and comment on them when they seem to require a reply, especially but not only on the FCO platform.

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