Three young Ukrainians approach me at a conference.  Having confirmed my identity, they take me to one side to say how much they have enjoyed doing Masters degrees in the UK and how different it was from their previous experience.

I blogged recently about the “WorldWideStudies” programme of the Viktor Pinchuk Foundation to give outstanding young Ukrainian students a chance to study overseas.  I noted that lots of the students were going to do Masters degrees in the UK; wished them all the best; and looked forward to seeing them again when they returned to Ukraine.

The three young people at the conference have just returned from a year in the UK with the WorldWideStudies programme.  They are Nataliya Katser-Buchkovska, back from an MA in law and economics at University College London; Nataliya Stranadko, who’s done an MA in global environmental change at the University of  Leicester; and Olga Dolinina, returning with an MA in sports management from LondonMetropolitanUniversity.  They comment that the quality of the education they received was high, with a particular emphasis on independence (“you have to take control of your own studies programme”); a focus on team work; high-quality guest speakers; and a multinational body of students.  Compared with their previous studies, they said, there was less emphasis on lectures and seminars and more on group discussions, interviews and on-line presentations.  Interesting experiences included a field trip toKenyaand an internship with the London 2012 Committee.  It had, they said, been a brilliant educational and life experience.

I’m delighted to hear that these three students found their study in the UK so worthwhile.  I wish them all the best in pursuing their future careers in Ukraine.

Leigh Turner

Ukrayinska Dumka


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