EU-US summit


At the annual summit of the Council of the European Union and the US Government, both sides once again reiterated their calls to the Ukrainian government to make good on their commitments to uphold democratic values and the rule of law.

In their joint press statement, they particularly called on the Ukrainian Government, "to ensure a fair, transparent and impartial process in trials related to members of the former Government including any appeal in the case of Ms Tymoshenko. The right of appeal should not be compromised by imposing limitations on the defendants’ ability to stand in future elections in Ukraine, including the parliamentary elections scheduled for next year."

This comes after comments made by Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira, Head of the European Union delegation to Ukraine, who said in an interview with the Voice of America that there was little evidence of the Ukrainian Government moving towards critcal EU democratic values, but said that there was still a focus on moving forwards.

The Ukraine-EU summit on 19 December will be critical for continued progress on strengthening ties with the EU and for Ukraine's potential eventual membership. How fruitful those discussions will be is clearly the responsibility of the Ukrainian government. The issues that concern the EU have been very clearly articulated. The ball is firmly in the Ukrainian Government's court.

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