Hanna Herman, President Yanukovych’s PR rep last night insisted that Ukraine’s Euro-integration will take place because it is ”embedded in law”.

Speaking on the Shuster Live programme, Ms Herman said that when coming to power one and a half years ago, "we" ratified a condition that “from today this Ukrainian route to Euro-integration is the law of the state of Ukraine… and anyone that breaks this law will have to answer for it.”

She also went on to say that “we ourselves” are responsible for placing obstacles in the way of Euro-integration.  “I think that we could move faster, but the European Union does not give us that opporunity. It (the EU) does not say how long this route will take.  Sometimes they (the EU) talk to us as sharply as though we were school children.”

Herman then said that following President Yanukovych’s recent proclamations, “EU leaders have understood that they cannot speak (down) to Ukraine as if it were a third-rate (country) or school-child.  All Western experts were in absolute agreement that we have taken many realistic steps and have come that much closer to the EU.  In December we plan to initial or, God willing, even sign the Associate Agreement.  These are absolutely realistic steps.”

Firm statements made by representatives of EU countries over the past eleven days, however, certainly do not echo Herman's optimism, and European condemnation appears to have been misinterpretted as condescension.  

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