'Honouring our past – facing the challenges of the future'

One of the few sunny days in recent weeks saw almost 100 AUGB branch delegates and guests, including representatives of the Embassy of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Catholic and Orthodox Churches, and other Ukrainian community organisations, gathered at AUGB’s Nottingham branch on 31 May for the 63rd Annual General Meeting of the Association.

The Chief Executive of the Association, Fedir Kurlak, reported on the year’s activities, while the President, Zenko Lastowiecki, highlighted some of the key issues facing the organisation into the future.  He called on all members of the Association to participate actively in the programme to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Holodomor, to honour the millions who were starved to death, to raise awareness of the atrocity, and to ensure that the innocent victims can never again be forgotten by history.  He congratulated the Nottingham branch on their significant achievement in building a new hall for their community – which was something the whole Association could be proud of, and which demonstrates confidence in our future.

There are, however, some significant challenges: to develop a sound financial base, to strengthen our community structures, and to encourage more people to become active members of the Association and the community.

The issues raised by the President provoked a lively, and sometimes outspoken, debate but there was no doubt that delegates were ready for the challenges and ready to look at different ways of strengthening their work for the benefit of the Ukrainian community.

Bohdan Ratych, Chair of the Holodomor Commemoration Committee, updated delegates on the work of the Committee, in particular, preparations for the Torch of Remembrance rally, which will be visiting many towns and cities at the end of June.

The AGM also saw the formal launch of the AUGB website, with very positive initial feedback, and commitment to working together to develop the site into the future.

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