Members of Keighley Town Council joined members of the Keighley Ukrainian Community last night to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Ukrainian Independence.  The event took place at the Ukrainian Community Centre on Henry Street in Keighley.

Town Council representatives included Keighley Deputy Mayor George Metcalfe and his wife Nanette, Katherine Roberts and Andrea Walker. Other guest attending included Rev. Michael McCreadie of St.Anne's Church and Jerry Yates from Keighley's Conservative Association.

The proceedings began with a welcome from Keighley's Ukrainian Association Chair, Peter Szczur and a reading in Ukrainian by Mrs Olga Pryimuk.

Micheal Krynic recited a poem by Ukraine's national poet Taras Shevchenko.

Nick Lajszczuk provided an insight on the current situation in Ukraine. He noted that although Ukraine was independent, the situation today bore many similarities to pre-indepence times. The present authorities appear to be heavily influenced by Russia - a situation that Ukrainians outside of Ukraine would like changing so that Ukraine becomes a trully free and democratic country. He continuedby saying that Keighley Town Council could be proud to be the first local Council in the UK to recognise the Holodomor of 1932-33 in which millions of Ukrainians were systematically annihilated through forced-starvation.

Deputy Mayor George Metcalfe and Rev. McCreadle expressed public thanks for being invited to the event and spoke of their own personal links with the local Ukrainian community.

Formal proceedings ended with a toast to Ukraine and the singing of the Ukrainian national anthem, which were followed by light refreshments provided by the Ukrainian Women's Association.

Stefan Pryimuk


Ukrayinska Dumka


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