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The investigative actions planned for Tuesday as part of the investigation into the criminal case involving Yulia Tymoshenko have now been completed and there is no need to arrest her, First Deputy Prosecutor General Renat Kuzmin has said. 

"Yulia Tymoshenko has left the Main Investigations Department of the Prosecutor General's Office. All investigative actions planned for today have been completed," Yuriy Boichenko, the head of the Prosecutor General's Office press service.

This means that the pre-trial investigation into the case involving the gas contracts signed in 2009 has been completed, he said.

The Ukrainian Code of Criminal Procedure requires defendants to become familiar with the criminal case materials after the investigative actions are completed.

Kuzmin earlier said the investigator has no plans to arrest Tymoshenko. "The investigator has no plans to arrest her and put her in a detention facility," he said.

When asked why the Prosecutor General's Office has asked for an arrest warrant to be issued against Tymoshenko, Kuzmin said it was done to "rule out the possibility of disruption of the investigative actions."

Such a court ruling would be necessary if Tymoshenko had failed to show up for questioning on Tuesday, Kuzmin said.

Kuzmin said Tymoshenko is not accused of high treason.

Earlier Sergei Vlasenko, a lawyer for Tymoshenko, said, that former Prime Minister Tymoshenko, will probably be taken to court, where an arrest warrant will be issued for her after being questioned in the Prosecutor's Office on Tuesday.

Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office in April 2011 opened a criminal case against Tymoshenko on charges of abuse of power in the conclusion of 2009 gas contracts.

The Prosecutor General's Office believes that by signing the 2009 gas contracts with Russia, Tymoshenko inflicted damage to the state in an amount of over Hr 1.5 billion.

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