Commemorative services and events were held in various cities around the UK yesterday to mark the 25th anniversary of the Chornobyl disaster.

In central London an ecumenical service led by Bishop Hlib Lonchyna was held at the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral in the presence of ambassadors of Ukraine, Russia, Japan and Finland, as well as diplomats, politicians, representatives of various organisations and laity.

Two programmes were broadcast by the BBC (click on the links to listen):

/Radio 4/  Fallout: The legacy of Chernobyl.  Nick Ross travels to Ukraine, to the ruined Chernobyl plant, to meet survivors and to talk to scientists and doctors to try to unravel the truth. Has Chernobyl turned out to be the health catastrophe that anti-nuclear campaigners claim?  How much of our fear of radiation is rational and how much is based on myth and propaganda surrounding the Chernobyl accident?

/World Service/  The Documentary - Alive In Chernobyl (Episode 1).  Olga Betko travels to Chernobyl - in her native Ukraine - to find the people who are living in what is known as the "dead zone".  This documentary follows the stories of a number of small groups of elderly rural people who have defied the radiation and returned from the cities to live in their abandoned villages, once again working the land they love.

To marks the anniversary, the AUGB will also host a one month-long exhibition, "Chornobyl's Darkest Hour", at its central office in London from 5 May to 3 June.


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