A special book-launch of “Holodomor – the Great Famine in Ukraine 1932-33” took place last night at the AUGB’s central office in London.  It was presented by its authors - a delegation of historians and archivist from Poland and Ukraine.

The book reproduces Polish and Soviet archive documents on the Holodomor-famine in Ukraine in 1932-33 (translated into English).

Representatives of the delegation spoke about the work of their joint venture of cooperation which began in 1994 and led to the idea of publishing of a series of volumes entitled “Poland and Ukraine in the 30’s and 40’s of the XX century.  Unknown documents from the archives of the special services”.   

Since 1997, the group has published a host of books with the intention of revealing the truth about repressions during the given period.  Titles include Polish underground movement 1939-1941.  Lviv, Kolomy’ia, Stryy, Zolochiv”, “Resettlement of Poles and Ukrainians 1944-46”, “Polish underground movement 1939-1941. From Volyn to Pokuttia”, “Poles and Ukrainians between two totalitarian systems 1942-1945”, “Aktsia Wisla 1947”, “Operation Sejm 1944-1946”, “Holodomor in Ukraine 1932-33(which was subsequently reproduced in English) and The Great Terror:  Polish operation in 1937-38 (in two volumes).    Plans are afoot to collate materials and publish the next volume in the series which will deal with the issue of the destruction of OUN-B in Poland by the communist authorities in 1947-48.

A full report on last night’s event will appear in the next issue of the Ukrainian Thought (“Українська Думка”).

Photo:  Dmytro Dobrovolsky


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