Founding fathers. Participants of the AUGB's inaugural General Meeting, Edinburgh, 18-19 January 1945. AUGB's first President, Mykyta Bura, is on the front row, sixth from the left.

On 18-19 January 1946, the inaugural General Meeting of the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain took place in St Mary’s church hall, Edinburgh.

The participants of that Meeting, who through the turmoil of the Second World War found themselves far away from their homeland, could hardly have imagined that it would be another 45 years before their beloved Ukraine would gain her independence (let alone that the organisation that they were creating would one day be celebrating its 65th anniversary!).  Nevertheless, from the very outset, they and those who arrived in this country soon afterwards, laid down the foundations for fostering their faith, language and culture within the Association of Ukrainians whilst also advancing the cause of a free and independent Ukraine.

Today we remember those founding fathers and pay particular tribute to all members of the first generation of the AUGB who tirelessly contributed so much in so many different ways to help develop our organisation and to further its objects.

This anniversary is of course a good opportunity for us all to pause for thought, consider what has been done and to look to the future of the AUGB and the continuation of its work.  We have the whole year to dwell on this!

For now though, we would like to express our very sincere gratitude to everyone.  We are truly indebted to the Branch Chairs and committees for their continuous work for and on behalf of the Association and we sincerely greet them and all of our members today, on this 65th anniversary!  We thank you all for your very very generous work, support and contributions!!

Нехай Бог шле вам усім Многая Літа!

AUGB President and General Council

Ukrayinska Dumka


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