According to a statement issued by the Press office of President Viktor Yanukovych, which has appeared on his website, a Decree issued by former President Viktor Yushchenko bestowing Stepan Bandera with the Title of Hero of Ukraine (20/01/2010) has been annulled.  The move follows a decison taken by the Donetsk Regional Administrative Court on 2 April 2010, which described Yushchenko's Bandera Decree as being "illegal and annulled". On 23 June 2010, the Donetsk Administrative Court of Appeal upheld the Donetsk Regional Court's ruling.

Though the press statement does say that "several appeals to dispute the ruling of the Donetsk Administrative Court of Appeal were made to the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine" it appears that President Yanukovych has decided to annul the Decree on the basis of a County Court ruling rather than wait for a decision of the Supreme Court. 

What will Viktor Yanukovych do if the Supreme Court overules the County Court's decision?  Reinstate the Bandera Title?  Not likely!

Perhaps such matters are simply decided beforehand and the Supreme Court's Appeal Hearing due to be held in March(?), therefore, will be a mere formality.

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