Whilst media observers are today focusing on certain passages attributed to Prince Andrew by the US Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, Tatiana Gfoeller, there is one reference in the WikiLeaks document which suggests that Russian President Medvedev put intense pressure on former Soviet states to reject any attempt by Ukraine to have the 1932-33 Holodomor recognised as genocide at the UN.

The full text of the paragraph reads:

¶10. (C) The Prince pounced at the sound of that name (Russia - ed.). He told the Ambassador that he was a frequent visitor to Central Asia and the Caucasus and had noticed a marked increase in Russian pressure and concomitant anxiety among the locals post-August events in Georgia. He stated the following story related to him recently by Azerbaijan’s President Aliyev. Aliyev had received a letter from President Medvedev telling him that if Azerbaijan supported the designation of the Bolshevik artificial famine in Ukraine as “genocide” at the United Nations, “then you can forget about seeing Nagorno-Karabakh ever again.” Prince Andrew added that every single other regional President had told him of receiving similar “directive” letters from Medvedev except for Bakiyev.  He asked the Ambassador if Bakiyev had received something similar as well. The Ambassador answered that she was not aware of any such letter.

Whatever one might make of the US Ambassador's account in general, it seems abundantly clear that the Russian President has been doing more than he should behind the scenes to try and pevert the right of every country to have a free vote at the UN (on the issue of the Holodomor).  Why has he tried to force the hand of other countries to downplay Moscow's role in the systematic annihilation of millions of Ukrainians through forced starvation in 1932-33?

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and others have in the past called on the countries which emerged following the break-up of the Soviet Union to open up their archives on the Holodomor in Ukraine of 1932-1933 to comprehensive scrutiny so that all the causes and consequences can be revealed and fully investigated.  We wholly support this position.  It needs to be repeated over and over again until Mr Medvedev (or his successor(s)) finally issue an open directive which will allow academics unrestricted access to Russia's archives on the 1932-33 Holodomor and all other atrocities perpetrated during the Soviet period.  Nothing more, nothing less!


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