I recently attended an event at a university in Kyiv where a dismayed student told me she had been subject to a ten-year visa ban by the UK.  This had been the result of misrepresenting a small piece of information in her application.  She sincerely regretted her mistake and asked what she could do to repair the damage.  I told her that unfortunately, unless she could demonstrate convincingly to the visa team in a future visa application that the information previously submitted had not been falsified, nothing could be done.

One of my first blogs on this site, Dancers and visas, noted the difficulty of visa decisions and the fact that not receiving a visa understandably left many would-be travellers feeling rejected and upset.  I also noted the fact that the visa system simply would not work if ambassadors or anyone else had the power arbitrarily to overturn decisions made according to the proper procedures by visa officers who bore the responsibility for those decisions.  This year I have written blogs urging people to Apply in good time for visas, and have sought to explain How to apply for education visas under the Points Based System.

When asked how to apply for visas, I always emphasise the need to provide the maximum possible amount of information to accompany their visa applications.  The problem faced by the student in Kyiv highlight a key qualification to that recommendation.  This is that on no account should anyone applying for a visa ever include any facts which are not 100% true.  If you submit in support of an application any information which is subsequently shown to be falsified or if you omit to mention anything which the application form obliges you to reveal, visa officers are automatically required to refuse the visa.  Moreover, unless you can show convincingly to the visa team in a future visa application that information submitted in support of your last application was not falsified, you may be refused visas for the next tenyears.  So please don't get a visa ban: always make sure that all the information you submit to support a visa application is 100% true and can be shown to be so.

Leigh Turner
British Ambassador to Ukraine

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