How can the United Kingdom protect its security?  Why does the UK's security matter to Ukraine, and vice-versa?  To answer these questions the British Embassy in Kyiv organised a round table on 22 October with key Ukrainian security experts.  Those attending included representatives of the Presidential Administration, the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Security and Defence Council and the Cabinet of Ministers. 

The world is changing rapidly, and so too the threats which states face.  These include new dangers such as terrorism and cyber attack.  Both are relevant to the 2012 Olympics in London and to Euro 2012 in Ukraine and Poland.  The key question for the UK and Ukraine is how to protect our national security whilst also promoting prosperity by ensuring our national finances are sound.  To do this we have to make difficult choices.  It is vital that these choices are made on the basis of an informed and co-ordinated view of the security situation.

As Ukraine continues to work on its own Strategic Defence Review, the UK has this week published two important documents:

  • the National Security Strategy.  This sets out the risks the UK faces and the steps the UK will take to prevent, mitigate or respond to them;
  • the Strategic Defence and Security Review.  This outlines how the UK will resource these steps. 

You can read both these documents at

The UK has a strong working relationship with Ukraine on security issues, both bilaterally and through NATO, based on common interests and practical co-operation. We believe that a strong, prosperous and stable Ukraine is good for the prosperity and security of the United Kingdom.  We will be continuing to work hard with our Ukrainian partners to develop our security relationship further between now and 2012. 

Leigh Turner
British Ambassador to Ukraine

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