Left to right: Fedir Kurlak, Cliff O'Gorman and Iryna Terlecky

Lifeline is a UK based charity that for 10 years has been supplying chemotherapy drugs & treatment to treat several hundred children with cancer in the Ukraine.  The number of requests has doubled since last year and the organisation is finding it cope with them all.  Without Lifeline's help these children will almost certainly die.

AUGB First vice President, Iryna Terlecky, CEO, Fedir Kurlak and Dumka Editor, Oleksa Semenchenko met with Lifeline's representative in London, Cliff O'Gorman, to find our more about Lifeline and ways in which it can be supported.

The organisation is looking to find sponsors for children in Ukraine who need the chemotherapy drugs/treatment.  The cost to help save a child's life is usually between £500 and £4,500.

Hospitals in Ukraine who cannot afford life saving drugs turn to Lifeline by sending medicine requests together with with a medical analysis of each child with cancer.  A professor at Great Ormond Street approves (or rejects) each request.  If approved, Lifeline arranges payment and delivery of the drugs via Ukrainian organisations on the ground to the relevant hospital so that the child can then be treated.

Lifeline has the infrastructure in place to help such children but is looking for partners who would sponsor one or more of these children.  See:

The AUGB and Association of Ukrainian Women are keen to raise the profile and help support Lifeline's work.

If you would like further details or would like to sponson/part-sponsor a child directly, you can contact Cliff directly by writing to:

Cliff O'Gorman
51 Great Ormond Street
020 7430 7118
07889 489369
email on:

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