Ukraine's Foreign Minister, Kostiatyn Hryshchenko, yesterday accused the Ukrainian diaspora of not having anything poignant to say ("нема що по суті сказати").  His remarks, which appeared in "Ukrainska Pravda", followed a decision by the Ukrainian community in the US last week, which had refused to meet up with President Viktor Yanukovych.

Hryshchenko said that the diaspora had "no wish to enter into the kind of dialogue that would testify (affirm), that the authorities (in Ukraine) today are genuinely the biggest patriots of Ukraine". 

Speaking on Inter TV, he asserted that it is the primary duty of the authorities in Ukraine to care about Ukrainians living in their own country (ie. in Ukraine).  He then clarified this remark by saying that it referred to "those who live the the life of their own country" ("про тих, хто живе життям своєї держави") and added that "we also have and respect those (Ukrainains) who live abroad, perhaps second or third generation, who love this country, but don't live the life that we all live".

The Foreign Minister continued his attack by saying that the diaspora has its own specific "thoughts, stereotypes and likes that were based on some sort of branding ("штампах").

Hryshchenko concluded his outburst by saying that he had not heard any expressions of concern from any official about freedoms in Ukraine during the President's visit to the US.

Note:  The AUGB's position has never been and is not based on stereotypes, branding, exotic likes or thoughts.  Our home page carries a photo of a Ukrainian journalist who disappeared in Ukraine in August. Where is he?  

We believe that we have been quite restrained in raising some very serious concerns about the deterioration of democracy, Human Rights and press freedom.

We can state in no uncertain terms that we will not enter into any one-sided "dialogue" to affirm that today's authorities in Ukraine are genuinely "the biggest patriots of Ukraine" and we very much look forward to hearing from the Ambassador of Ukraine prior to our meeting with him on 18 October regarding the issues raised in our letters to him and (earlier this year) in our letters to the President of Ukraine. 


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