Professor Simon Franklin of the Russian Studies Department at Cambridge University told an UNIAN press conference yesterday that there will now be a permanent programme of Ukrainian studies at the University.  Students will be able to take courses in the Ukrainian language and culture.

He highlighted the fact that until now, there had been a distinct lack of Ukrainian studies at a "fundamental level" in Western Europe and said that one of the main aims of the Ukrainian courses would be to formulate a better understanding of Ukraine among the peoples of Great Britain and Western Europe.

Ukrainian language courses at the University were initiated by the Department of Slavonic Studies in 2008 thanks to funding received from Ukrainian businessman Dmytro Firtash, who will continue to sponsor the permanent programme of Ukrainian studies. 

Dr Rory Finnin, Lecturer in Ukrainian Studies, emphasised that without Mr Firtash's support, there would be no Ukrainian studies at the University. 

Dr Finnin went on to say that the main objective is to prepare a new generation of analysts and politicians who have a better knowledge of Ukraine and an understanding, that Ukraine is not a part of the Russian sphere of influence.

Dr Emma Widdis, Head of the Department of Slavonic Studies at Cambridge University added that the department would be able to offer students course in both history and Ukrainian language as a second foreign language.

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