From time to time in the past we have highlighted issues relating to the deterioration of Human Rights, press freedom and democracy generally in Ukraine.

Though President Yanukovych has repeatedly indicated that he wishes to uphold such values, the facts appear to show that he is doing little if anything to prevent violations of Human Rights, press freedom and democracy in Ukraine.  We cannot let such things pass us by. 

In his latest blog, The British Ambassador to Ukraine, Leigh Turner, has rightly highlighted the words of the German Federal Commissioner for the Records of the State Security Service of the Former German Democratic Republic, Marian Birthler, who likened the erosion of freedoms to an illness.  "When you're healthy for a long time, she says, you don't notice the warning signs.  That makes it important, she says, to watch out for those warning signs; and for countries which want to be free to be constantly vigilant."  How true this is!!!

It is important that we pick out these warning signs, record the nature of the violations, name of individual(s) involved, date, place and source of information (link) and then react accordingly. 

In this regard we are looking for some vigilant volunteers - perhaps 1-2 people from each community will suffice - to do possibly 10-15 minutes research every day or every few days.  We won't ask for much, but if there are enough volunteers we should be able to collate a substantial database/authoritative updated list, which may then be used to defend victims of violations of Human Rights, press freedom and democracy in Ukraine.

If you wish to volunteer, please write to:

Please also forward this article to others who you think might be interested in helping.  Thank you!

Fedir Kurlak

Ukrayinska Dumka


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