The AUGB has today sent open letter to the new Ukrainian Ambassador in London, Volodymyr Khandogiy expressing its extreme concern about the deterioration of press freedom and violations of Human Rights in Ukraine.

The letter refers to Amnesty International’s briefing, Put deeds before words: Deliver human rights for Ukraine (April 2010) and Foreign Minister Kostantyn Hryshchenko’s interview with the BBC earlier this week.

Leaving aside wider issues such as those contained within James Sherr’s Chatham House briefing paper, The Mortgaging of Ukraine’s Independence, the letter makes reference to the Ukraine Press Freedom – Temptation to Control report published last week by Reporters Without Borders and the report carried by UNIAN yesterday afternoon ( about the detention of the Director of Lviv’s National Memorial Museum of the Victims of Occupational Regimes («Тюрма на Лонцького»), Ruslan Zabilyj.  The latter incident was also picked up by Reuters newsagency and has been reproduced by Kyiv Post

The AUGB has requested clarification for publication in respect of the following:

  1. The President of Ukraine’s position on the Ukraine Press Freedom – Temptation to Control report.
  2. What concrete steps are to be taken in the immediate future to unconditionally safeguard absolute freedom of the press in Ukraine and the safety of journalists.
  3. What concrete steps the President has taken and will take to openly promote and unconditionally protect Human Rights in Ukraine in all respects.

Note:  The Guardian newspaper this week also published an article on the disappearance last month of an investigative journalist in Kharkiv, Vasyl Klymentyev, and the deterioration of press freedom in Ukraine.

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