It's always a good feeling to be in a room with a lot of brain-power.  When Barclays Capital and EPAM Systems recently held an event at the residence to mark the launch of their new global technology centre for software development and support, the sense of a gathering of IT professionals and experts was intense.  I made a short presentation, followed by Karl Robb of EPAM and Sarah Grave of Barclays Capital and the networking began, with experts exploring the scope for top-quality job opportunities, and employers looking for top-quality expertise.  

Since Barclays Capital chose Kyiv as the location for its third global technology centre (in addition to Singapore and Prague), they have already employed 70 IT professionals and are looking to employ 500 or more by the end of 2012.  The centre, described as an advanced and secure IT facility, provides 24/7 services to maintain business applications and provide support to the Bank's business users for critical IT applications.

The new technology centre shows how Ukraine's increased integration into global markets can create high-value jobs right here in Ukraine.  It's a good example of win-win: helping to boost the Ukrainian economy, and helping to ensure British financial institutions have robust and highly qualified world-wide IT system support.  And from what I could see at the reception as a layman, both Barclays and EPAM on the one hand and the Ukrainian IT experts on the other were able to find a lot to talk about - including, in many cases, job prospects.  For a link to an EPAM recruiter click here (I especially like "Jackpot for Geeks").

Leigh Turner
British Ambassador to Ukraine

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