Przemysl, Poland

UWC AGM participants. (Note. This photo was taken the day after the AGM and does not include all participants)

More than 60 representatives from 12 countries took part in this year’s Annual General Meeting of the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) held at National House in Przemysl, Poland, on 22-23 August.  The AUGB was represented by its President, Zenko Lastowiecki.

In his opening remarks, the UWC President, Ewhen Czolij noted that the venue for the meeting (a building built by the local Ukrainian population in 1904 and confiscated in 1947), was chosen specifically to (a) increase understanding about the needs of the present day Ukrainian community in Poland, (b) strengthen ties for future cooperation, (c) help accelerate the return of the National Home to the Federation of Ukrainians in Poland.  His remarks were reciprocated by the President of Przemysl, Robert Thomas, who reassured the meeting that ownership of the National House will be transferred to the Ukrainian community within the coming days/weeks.  Later, during a separate meeting held in the Town Council, Mr Thomas reiterated these assurances and also raised the issues of celebrating the centenary of the M. Shashkevych Ukrainian School in Przemysl next year.  The local authority intends to help with funds for its repair.  Furthermore, Peremysl streets formerly named after Taras Shevchenko, Markian Shashkevych and Ulyana Kravchenko will be reinstated.

Tributes were paid during the AGM to former leading members of the UWC who passed away last year:  Victor Pedenko (General Secretary) Wasyl Samets (Financial Director) and and Stakh Habu (Chair of Sports Commission).

Members of the UWC’s Executive Committee and chairs of boards and commissions gave their respective reports and Mr Czolij presented a general report on the activities of the UWC for the past year highlighting:

  • three memoranda of cooperation concluded with the previous Ukrainian government
  • participation of the UWC in the Ukrainian parliamentary hearing on ‘foreign’ Ukrainians
  • the strengthening of ties with existing UWC member-organisations and networking with other Ukrainian communities worldwide
  • the activities of UWC boards and commissions, particularly in the development of activities of youth organisations and in defence of human and civil rights of Ukrainians
  • the coordination of global projects
  • themes raised in a special Memorandum and during a meeting with President Viktor Yanukovych on issues concerning Ukraine and the Ukrainian diaspora.

The full Annual Report (including reports of member organisations) can be downloaded from the UWC’s website:

Three Round Table discussions were also held:

1.  “Key issues and future ties with Ukraine" which concluded that the UWC will continue to monitor all violations of human and national rights and will cooperate with various governmental and non-governmental bodies to defend Ukraine's independence and its democratic heritage.

2.  "Coordination and strengthening of the relationship between the UWC and its member organizations” (including the issue of the creation of a UWC office in Kyiv).

3.  "The current state of the Ukrainian community in Poland".

For a more detailed press release (in Ukrainian) see:

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