SOS/iRB Kit SOS Kit Aid was founded by a rugby dad, (John Broadfoot), who saw for himself the plight of Romanian youngsters during a school rugby tour to Romania. The sight of a smiling Romanian eight year old boy running with the ball under one arm whilst he used the other to hold up his shorts made him want to do something about it.  From the experience of his own rugby playing sons he knew there were several pairs of boots and shirts lying around at home doing nothing. So to test out the potential John collected kit from just ten schools to see how much kit might be available on a wider scale. The test was an outstanding success both in terms of quantity and quality of kit donated and John persuaded the International Rugby Board to endorse and fund the project's expansion to 1000+ schools and Clubs.  Over £2m worth of kit has been donated to 16 countries on 3 continents since 2000. Donations have been made to countries as far afield as Kazakhstan, Swaziland, Samoa and even Haiti.

Financial support and recognition was given to the project by the International Rugby Board - the world's governing body for Rugby Union. Their funding helps to cover the cost of storage and the logistics of collecting and transporting kit to the countries that need it the most.

SOS regretfully has been unable to deliver rugby kit to Ukraine since a dramatic increase in transport costs and complicated customs procedures since mid 2008. Thanks to Iwan Rewko from Coventry – who will be known to many as a dedicated fan of rugby in Ukraine - SOS has been able to resume deliveries. The first delivery in 2010 is now winging its way to Kyiv courtesy of Iwan and Visage Kitchens of Surrey. Rugby is going from strength to strength in Ukraine with their National team doing particularly well. SOS hopes to have another delivery on its way soon.

To find out more about SOS, visit their website at  If you have any good quality, unwanted rugby kit that you would like to donate to Ukraine, Iwan Rewko would be pleased to hear from you!  Write to:

Ukrayinska Dumka


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