Contacts with teachers and students are among the most rewarding aspects of work here in Kyiv.  So it’s a pleasure to attend the launch of the British Council’s ‘Connecting Classrooms’ project at the Residence in the presence of Borys Zhebrovsky, First Deputy Minister of Education and Science, and Margaret Jack, Director of the British Council in Kyiv.

The Connecting Classrooms project helps young people to work with and learn from their peers in other countries and communities.  This year in Ukraine, ten schools from all over the country are taking part in a pilot project, with a further 20 joining next year. Microsoft, as project partner, is creating web portals for each participating school to help students and teachers communicate and join the Connecting Classrooms online community, sharing interactive content at via the latest online platforms.  

Directors and teachers from all the schools are at the Residence for the launch.  It’s inspiring to see how enthusiastic they are about the prospect of helping their students to develop links to their counterparts in the UK - as well as in Greece and Hungary, the two other EU countries linked to the Ukrainian project.  One teacher tells us her students are keen to have contact with children in the rest of Europe and are delighted that the UK is helping this to happen.  Me too.

There’s also a lot of discussion at the launch about the importance of the English language.  So it may be worth highlighting here some other useful British Council websites for teachers and learners of English.  Check them out:

There’s a Russian version of Learn English for Kids for those who prefer at  A Russian version of Learn English for adults is due out shortly.

With school directors and teachers at the launch

Leigh Turner
British Ambassador to Ukraine

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