Chair of AUGB Gloucester branch with the Sheriff of Gloucester, Vladyslav Rohoviy and Askold Lozynskiy at the Holodomor memorial in Cheltenham

Yaroslav Nebesniak received the memorial torch on behalf of the Ukrainian community in Gloucester, from Askold Lozynsky, President of the Ukrainian World Congress, Vladislav Rohoviy from the Ukrainian Embassy and Martyn Chymera from the Holodomor Commemoration Committee, who had travelled with the Torch from the Welsh Assembly earlier that day.  

The whole event was in two stages.  A reception was held at AUGB Gloucester Branch, which included speeches and a special display and video presentation telling the story of the Holodomor.  This was followed by a short requiem service at the Holodomor Monument at Cheltenham Memorial Gardens, performed by Father Mykola Matwijiwskij.  Included in the memorial service was the symbolic laying of a wreath made of barbed wire/ Candles were lit by the Eternal Flame and a minutes silence was held in memory of the millions who died.

The event was well attended by the Ukrainian Community from around Gloucestershire as well as invited guests.  Gloucester MP Parmjit Dhanda had agreed to attend but was called into Parliament at short notice and sent his apologies.  However, the Sheriff of Gloucester and Deputy Mayor Cllr Nigel Hanman and his wife participated and were greatly moved by the occasion.  A tear was seen to fall from the cheek of Mrs Hanman as she learned of the attrocities during the Holodomor. The occasion was a very poignant and fitting tribute to the millions of innocent victims, and everyone appreciated the opportunity to commemorate the atrocity.

Mr Lozynsky stayed on and spent time talking to survivors of the Holodomor still living in the community, and praised the efforts being made to raise awareness in Britain.

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