"So, just so I've understood this properly," the journalist asks, "you can study in Kyiv and receive a fully accredited degree from the University of Sheffield?"  "That's correct," the Vice Principal says.  He explains how postgraduate students will complete their studies in Kyiv and receive degrees from the University of Sheffield; and undergraduate students will transfer for their last two years of studies either to the campus of the University of Sheffield in the UK or the campus of CITY College, the International Faculty of the University of Sheffield in Thessaloniki, Greece.

British universities consistently rank among the best academic institutions in the world.  So it's no surprise that there's a strong demand from abroad to study in the UK; and that some top British universities are establishing programmes which allow students to earn fully accredited degrees from British universities through carefully-constructed courses provided in other countries.  Today I'm alongside Megaklis Petmezas, Vice Principal for Communication and Student Affairs from the University of Sheffield, Yaroslav Golovko, President of the Kyiv Business School and Mihail Krikunov, the Dean of the Kyiv Business School, at the Ross Business Consulting press room facilities for the launch of two University of Sheffield Masters' degree programmes and three undergraduate degree programmes in Kyiv.  After our presentations there are a good number of questions, during which the Vice Principal says that courses will begin this autumn.  I note that as well as reinforcing economic growth prospects in Ukraine, these courses will help boost the CVs of individual students.  

I've blogged before (see eg here, here and here) about the importance of education in Ukraine and how the UK is helping develop Ukraine's immense human capital.  I hope the new Sheffield University programmes get off to a good start; and that prospective employers as well as students in Ukraine take a good look at what UK education providers have to offer.


Leigh Turner
British Ambassador to Ukraine

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