The UK dates have now been confirmed. The torch will arrive here from Chile on Saturday 28 June and leave for Sweden on Saturday 6 July.

We have looked at several options for getting the Torch to as many places as possible and have agreed with the Embassy of Ukraine a joint outline programme as follows:

Sunday 29 June:

  • 10.00: Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral, Duke St – London
  • 13.00: Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Cathedral – London
  • 18.00: Coventry

Monday 30 June:

  • 10.00: Derby
  • 13.00: Barnsley (twinned with Horlivka)
  • 16.00: Keighley
  • 18.00: Bradford

Tuesday 1 July:

  • 10.00: Rochdale (twinned with Lviv)
  • 13.00: Ashton
  • 16.00: Stockport
  • 18.00: Manchester

Wednesday 2 July:

  • Edinburgh

Thursday 3 July:

  • 10.00: Nottingham
  • 15.00: Cardiff
  • 19.00: Gloucester

Friday 4 July:

  • 10:00: Houses of Parliament
  • 13.00: London Assembly

Saturday 5 July:

  • Tarasivka: Ukrainian Youth Association 60th anniversary rally

The aim of the Torch rally around the UK is to raise awareness of the Holodomor and to create as much regional media coverage as possible.  The Committee will be responsible for organising transport for the week, torches and gas canisters, and a Book of Remembrance to be signed by those present locally. AUGB branches will need to take responsibility for organising their local programme.

The venue can be the local Town or City Hall, or a Cathedral or church for a short service. In all cases, appropriate local dignitaries, local celebrities and MPs should be invited, including from around the region. The ceremony itself should last no longer than about 45 minutes and it is particularly important that there is sufficient time for the Torch to travel to its next venue.

Bohdan Ratych for any questions about the Torch rally programme:

Iryna Terlecky for any questions about information and media coverage:

Bohdan or Martyn Chymera ( if you need any other help with your local programme.

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