Stepan Bandera. 1909-1959. Opposed Nazism and Communism. Led movement for a free Ukraine. Assasinated in 1959 by the Soviet KGB.

Many will already be aware of the resolution adopted by the European Parliament on 25 February about the situation in Ukraine, and the amendment which was added by a group of MEPs ‘deploring’ the award of the title ‘National Hero of Ukraine’ to Stepan Bandera and hoping that President Yanukovych would reconsider that award. The amendment also referred to Stepan Bandera as a Nazi collaborator.

It was tabled by various parliamentary groups, including the Social Democrat grouping and the Conservative grouping. Perhaps most surprisingly, one of the sponsors of the amendment was Dr Charles Tannock, a London MEP who has previously supported the process of Ukrainian democratisation. He is the foreign affairs lead for the European Conservative Group.

AUGB is a non-political organisation but will always defend Ukraine against any misrepresentation of her history and unjustified slurs against those who fought and died for the right to Ukraine’s independence. We are deeply disappointed that the European Parliament has marred an otherwise very positive resolution on Ukraine by attempting to rewrite its history.

The World Congress of Ukrainians has already reacted with a letter to the European Parliament on 3 March, and there is an on-line petition which can be accessed and signed by following this link: 

AUGB has also published an article by the Bandera family which comprehensively rebuts the false accusations made.

Anyone over the age of 18 can sign the petition and there are several other ways of making your views known if you disagree with the European Parliament’s resolution on Stepan Bandera.  You may write:
   - directly to your MEP
   - to the UK MEP who leads on foreign affairs for a political group
   - to MEP / EU parliamentary group via Facebook pages
   - to the European Commission head of Foreign Affairs, Baroness Ashton.

The following link will take you to the European Parliament website page from which you can find MEPs by location and/or by political grouping.

The foreign affairs lead for the European Conservative Group, Charles Tannock MEP, can be contacted through this link:

The various political groups also have Facebook pages where those who are Facebook members can register a protest. The Conservative Group Facebook page is:
Other Facebook pages can be found on the sites of each political group.

Baroness Ashton can be contacted at the following address

We encourage everyone to make their views known.

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