49 Linden Gardens, London

Jeanne Vronskaya with Wasyl Oleskiw following the book launch

Jeanne Vronskaya is a Russian author of many books and writer of numerous articles that have appeared in most broadsheets in this country.

Born in Russia but living in London since 1969, her latest work, “Against Stalin & Hitler”, was launched last night at the AUGB Central Office.  The subtitle to her work is “UPA – Ukrainian Insurgent Army and its Commander in Chief, Roman Shukhevych”.

Volodymyr Pawluk of the Ukrainian Information Service has worked closely with Ms Vronskaya over the past decade.  He expressed delight at the publication of her book and spoke about the importance of people like Jeanne Vronskaya writing the truth about the leader of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army - even if that truth might be uncomfortable for some to read.

Ms. Vronskaya spoke about the dangers of today’s regime in Moscow and the influence that it may have on the ruling authorities in Kyiv. 

The event was organised by the AUGB’s Shevchenko Library and Archive in London.

The book is now on sale in the Ukrainian bookshop.

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