The newly formed National Committee for the Defence of Ukraine is planning a day of protest in Kyiv and elsewhere in Ukraine on Tuesday 11 May.

The Committee comprises members of 10 opposition parties and a number of community and academic organisations and is headed by the well-known Ukrainian poet, Dmytro Pavlychko. The aims of the Committee are to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and the rights and dignity of individuals.

The protests in Kyiv are primarily against the Kharkiv Agreement and the proposed signing of a new gas deal on 17 May, but there are also fears from leading journalists that the Yanukovych government will also move towards greater censorship of the media.

To coincide with and support the day of protest, the Association of Ukrainians has written to President Yanukovych expressing the community's serious concerns about recent events and seeking assurances that:

  • the position on the 'Kharkiv Agreement' will be set aside for a full judicial review by the Constitutional Court of Ukraine;
  • the President and members of his party will fully respect the law of Ukraine which declares the 1932-33 Holodomor an act of genocide against the Ukrainian nation;
  • the memorial to Stalin in Zaporizhia is immediately removed and proposed memorials in Odessa and elsewhere will not be permitted.

The letter has been copied to the UK Foreign Office, the President of PACE, the Ambassador of Ukraine and to several MEPs, including Paul Rowen, who chairs the PACE Judicial Committee which concluded that the Holodomor was an act of genocide.

For the full text of the letter, click here.


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