On 26 July 2008 the AUGB's General Council ("Rada SUB") held its second post-AGM meeting.   

Matters discussed/ratified: 

A new sub-committee has been formed to review the whole financial structure of the AUGB.  Zenko Lastowiecki will chair the group.  Other members are: Dr Andrij Chymera, Volodymyr Karpynec and Myron Pilak.  Fedir Kurlak will also take part in meetings.

A special measure was introduced with regard to Ukrainian Thought.  Given its precarious end of year financial position, the Council has decided to increase its cover price by 20 pence to £1.50.  The Annual subscription rate will increase to £45.  These new prices are being introduced with immediate effect.  Current subscribers will continue to receive the newspaper at the old rate until their subscriptions come up for renewal.  A notice to this effect will be published in the next issue of the Ukrainian Thought.  It is hoped that everyone will appreciate the need for the increase and will continue to support the only Ukrainian community newspaper in this country.

As part of the general strategic review of the Association’s activities, the Council addressed and approved the next steps to be taken with regard to resolving the relationship issues between AUGB Branches and local Social Clubs.  Circulars will be sent out shortly.

A new sale price has been agreed for the AUGB property in Cheltenham and the Council has approved a loan to AUGB Nottingham Branch to complete works to its new community hall.  Tender documents relating to the hall-build in Manchester have been sent out to six developers.  The tenders are due back by 16 August.  Other Branch issues discussed were:  (1) the situation in Luton and a report regarding potential use of the premises – this will be considered further by the finance sub-committee and (2) the current situation in Leeds - a decision was taken to postpone the date of the AGM there (which was due to take place 27 July).

The Holodomor Committee provided a general report on plans for the National Holodomor Commemorations to take place on 22 November. Zenko Lastowiecki congratulated everyone – committee and communities - for all the hard work put in to make the Holodomor Torch tour of the UK such a success.  He urged everyone to now focus their attention on the 22 November event.

Other matters discussed/ratified during the meeting, which was held at Tarasivka:

AUGB will be represented at the next World Congress of Ukrainians in Kyiv on 20-22 August by:  Zenko Lasowiecki, Fedir Kurlak, Rev. Mykola Matwijiwskyj, Myron Pilak and Bohdan Ratycz.

Efforts will be made to produce and disseminate the next AUGB Annual General Report by end of January 2009.

A proposal by the European Congress of Ukrainians (ECU) to hold its General Meeting in London in 2009 has been placed on hold whilst awaiting further details.

Former AUGB Branches have been re-formed and ratified as AUGB sub-Branches (Oseredky).  These are:  Ipswich, Mansfield and Stoke-on-Trent.

The six hour meeting ended at 1800 hrs.

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