A commemorative concert to Taras Shevchenko took place at the Ukrainian Centre on Mere St. in Rochdale on the 28th March 2010.

The concert opened up with the traditional singing of “Zapovit” (The Will), performed by the ladies from the choir of the Association of Ukrainians  (OUZ) ‘Rochdale Branch’.  This was the first performance, under the new choirmaster Mrs Susan Solomchak, with the help of musical accompaniment of her daughter Mrs Larisa Solomchak on the flute.  It has to be admitted that they all performed well – the songs sounded beautiful.  Mrs Kateryna Melnyk read a short biography of Shevchenko, collected from articles written by the academic Oleksandr Konyszkyj – who studied Shevchenko for over 10 years. 

The OUZ choir, collectively with the Ukrainian School  - performed “Poklin tobi Tarase’ (“We bow down to you Taras”) – sung by the choir on stage whilst the pupils below performed the movements with the help of teachers Mrs Maria Kopczyk and Miss Natalka Hewka.  The school then followed with the reciting of the following poems: Danylo Vovkun “Meni Odnakovo” (“It makes no difference to me …”); Sofia Forbes “Ukrayinske Selo” (“Ukrainian Village”); Jessica Parkin “Dorohey Tarase” (“Dear Taras”); and Kelsey Taylor “Ya znayu pro Shevchenka” (“I know about Shevchenko”). 

In their second performance, the OUZ choir sang “Teche Voda” (“The Water Flows”) and “Ukraina” (“Ukraine”).  In between these two songs – Mr Peter Duchak recited one of Taras Shevchenko’s poems “Dumka” (“The Thought”).  Afterwards Mr Walter Duchak also recited another poem “Ne hriye sontse na chuzeni” (“The sun does not shine on foreign land”).

At the end, the OUZ choir sang “Perebendya” (“The Idler”).  All the performers then took to the stage and Mr Walter Duchak (Chair of the AUGB – Rochdale Branch) thanked the performers for their efforts and all those who attended.

Taras Melnyk

Ukrayinska Dumka


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