Maria Volkova
Maria Volkova during an emotional Torch of Remembrance service held in Nottingham, England

A British journalist, Donna Richardson, has uncovered yet another witness testimony about the horrors of the Holodomor.
In an exclusive interview with eighty-two-year old Maria Volkova, the voice of the Holodomor victim quivers as she recalls how she survived the Ukrainian famine-genocide in 1932-33 as a six-year old child, by eating dandelion roots, pumpkin flowers and even rats.

Maria tells of how the Holodomor robbed her of her childhood, claimed the lives of her baby sister and two young cousins and how she saw her father branded a traitor and taken away to Siberia.  She explains how on her sixth birthday, she shared a feast of soup made out of “pumpkin flowers” at a party with children who had swollen bellies due to malnutrition. During the worst of Holodomor, instead of concentrating on education, children at school had lessons on how to collect grubs in exchange for grain, but as she puts it, “she was one of the lucky few who survived” out of the three million children estimated to have died.  

Read the full interview with Maria Volkova in the next issue of Ukrayinska Dumka (2 August, 2008).  To order your copy of the newspaper please contact Anna Mikulin, Administrator, Ukrainian Thought, 49 Linden Gardens, London W2 4HG.  Tel. 020 7229 8392.  Email anna.mikulin@augb.co.uk



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