President Yanukovych speaking in Strasbourg today

Whilst the Ukrainian Parliament breached Ukraine’s Constitution, President Yanukovych today single-handedly ignored a previous decision of the Ukrainian Parliament which recognised the 1932-33 Holodomor (Famine) in Ukraine as genocide.

During a one day visit to Strasburg, Mr Yanukovych spoke before the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and answered questions on various issues, including the Holodomor, the proposed monuments to Stalin in Ukraine and the Posthumous Award to Stepan Bandera. 

According to UNIAN sources, the President of Ukraine said that the Holodomor was “the result of the Stalinist totalitarian regime’s attitude towards people... We believe that it would be wrong and unjust to recognise the Holodomor as genocide against this or that nation.  This was a tragedy, a common tragedy, affecting countries of the USSR.”

Mr Yanukovych elaborated by saying that famine existed not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

You can currently view President Yanukovych’s speech (but not the q&a session) by clicking on the following link:  http://assembly.coe.int/Default.asp and then following the link for video.  Alternatively, click here for the written record of the speech and the q&a session that followed.

Opposition politicians in Ukraine reacted angrily to the President's speech - which not only disregards the Ukrainian law on Holodomor, but also hardens suspicion that the President cannot be trusted to defend Ukraine's interests, as reported by the Kyiv Post.

Ukraine's own Security Service has been a key player in finding and revealing previously secret documentary evidence about the Holodomor and recently published a book containing new evidence, which was presented to libraries in all regions of Ukraine, to foreign governments and to the European Parliament and Council of Europe - in preparation for yesterday's session. The Security Service historians have long been convinced - on the basis of documentary evidence - that the Holodomor was an act of genocide. President Yanukovych - who deleted Holodomor material from the presidential website within days of coming to power - clearly believes that appeasement politics are more important than Ukraine's historical integrity.

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