Is Nick Clegg a descendant of Hetman Kyrylo Rozumovsky?

At the outset I should make it very clear that the purpose of this piece is not an attempt to influence anyone on how to vote during the forthcoming General Election.  Everyone has a democratic right to decide for themselves!

We've all been following the news recently and know what has been happening in the British political arena...  No doubt tonight's political debate followed by analysis after analysis will throw up yet more for us to chew on over the coming week.

No one can deny that Nick Clegg's popularity has shot up since last Thursday's debate (or at least that is how it appears to be according to latest opinion polls).  Suddenly the press is interested in him and his background.  And it is his background that is of interest to us, a British-Ukrainian website.

Under a blazing headline, "Nick Clegg hailed 'Russian Aristocrat'", The Guardian on Tuesday followed up claims made by the Russian newspaper "Izvestia", which was delighted to report on the "Liberal Democrat leader's Russian heritage"...

Not so(!) remarked one contributor to Cambridge's Ukrainian Studies Facebook site:  "A fussy clarification of today's Guardian article: Nick Clegg is in fact descended from the rebellious, freedom-loving Ukrainian Cossacks of the Zaporozhian Sich. His ancestor Iosyp Luk'ianovych Zakrevsky was a famed Cossack standard-bearer (buntchuzhnyi) who acquired the land for the 'ruined' estate that Luke Harding cites in his article from Hetman Ivan Skoropadsky, whose mentor was none other than Ivan Mazepa..."

And now the BBC World Service's Ukrainian language section has waded in and tried to uncover more...  Click here for full report.

All very interesting!!!

I have a bottle of Ukrainian horilka ready to give away to anyone who can now prove that Gordon Brown or David Cameron also have ancestorial links to Ukraine!!!

Fedir Kurlak

Ukrayinska Dumka


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