In any normal society it would be unthinkable for anyone to even ponder the possibility of erecting a statue to a mass murderer.

Yet this is what is on the cards today in Ukraine.  There are serious moves to erect a statue to one of the world’s most infamous such individuals – Josef Stalin – firstly in Zaporizhia, and then in other cities of Ukraine.

It is one thing for countries not to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, but quite another matter when those “other countries” allow the glorification of a tyrant.

Following on from the Ukrainian World Congress’s letter to the President of Ukraine, the AUGB has written to President Yanukovych and will write to Prime Minister Gordon Brown urging intervention in this issue.  The placement of a statue to Stalin in Ukraine is tantamount to one of Hitler being placed in Israel or Poland; the concept is simply unimaginable! 

We have called on Mr Yanukovych to stand by his citation of Ivan Franko, that the “time has come to live for Ukraine” and that he, as President of Ukraine, needs to remember every Ukrainian soul that perished under Stalin...and that he (in the words of Ivan Franko) will have to answer for their fate...

To a neutral this issue may seem irrelevant, but we should not be passive.  Ukrainians were not the sole victims of Stalin’s regime: millions of Soviet citizens were affected by his purges.  There should be no place anywhere in the world for the statue of such a ruthless dictator.

If you agree, please write your concerns to the Ukrainian Embassy in your country.

Click here for the AUGB's Open Letter to President Yankkovych.

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