AUGB’s CEO gave an interview today to Geoff Ballinger, producer at BBC Radio Wales, for a programme about the life of Gareth Jones, which will be aired on BBC Radio Wales on 21 March at 2.00 pm.  The programme can be heard online by visiting the BBC Radio Wales website or on the Astra satellite (28 degrees) txp . 11954.00 H, DVB 27500.

As every visitor to this website will know, Gareth Jones was an extremely brave and honourable Welsh journalist who risked his own life - and indeed gave his life - for reporting on the atrocities of the 1932-33 Holodomor in Ukraine. 

Over 7 million Ukrainians were systematically annihilated through forced starvation by Josef Stalin’s Soviet regime which had the "utopian" aim of creating the “perfect Soviet society”.  To do this, in 1932-33, it needed to quell Ukrainian national sentiment for independence by ruthlessly starving Ukrainians en masse...  that is, over 7 million deaths in the space of 18 months!  Only Gareth Jones and Malcolm Muggeridge were brave enough to openly report on the truth about this in the face of open denials from a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, the infamous Walter Durante, who simply sold his soul to the perpetrators of the crime. (The New York Times has still not revoked his Pulitzer Prize!!!)

The programme will deal with Gareth Jones’ life story and will discuss the scale of the Holodomor and the significance of Gareth Jones' work in reporting it.  Among other questions raised will be about how Gareth Jones might have operated in the Ukraine in 1933, given the difficulty of reporting anything under Stalin's regime, and how Ukrainians regard those journalists and intellectuals who denied that there was any problem in the Soviet Union (eg. Shaw, the Webbs...) in direct contrast to Jones’ writings.




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